Organic Tea Masala – 100% USDA Certified Organic


  • Non-GMO | Certified Organic | 100% Honest Organic Ingredients| No Additives Used | No Artifice flavors
  • We would recommend you have ¼ to ½ of masala chai in one cup of tea.
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Indian chai has a very distinct, bold flavor that never falls flat. Chai is a coveted drink in India and is treasured not only because of how robust and delicious it is but also for its healing properties. We as Indians love our cup of chai and are very skeptical when it comes to substituting it. Countless people across the country (India) can’t think of starting their day without a humble cup of tea. Farm Organic Chai masala is an age-old classic masala and is one of the most popular tea blends in the world, originating from India. This unique & ancient preparation contains a strong flavoury blend with a variety of aromatic spices. Our Chai masala elevates your senses and settles down your craving for a perfect Tea. All the spices used are handpicked, cleaned, cold ground, and roasted for the requisite taste and aroma. Health Benefits:- A hot cup of masala chai is the best thing after a long hard day. The tannins present in tea help calm the body and revitalize it. Moreover, tea contains caffeine a stimulant. Albeit in a much lesser quantity when compared to coffee, it has the same uplifting effect as a cuppa. Believed to strengthen the immune system and keep common infections at bay, masala chai is infused with the goodness of all the antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties of its constituent spices. It also helps in building a good metabolism. Usage:- The spices create a calming effect on the body. It’s the elixir of life that sustains most of us throughout the day. You might like it mellow while others like it kadak or strong, with or without milk, or with a different mix of spices. We would recommend you to have ¼ to ½ of masala chai in one cup of tea. It can be used in lattes and desserts in order to enhance the taste of the dish.

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