Organic Black Pepper Whole (Kali Mirch Sabut) – 100% USDA Certified Organic


  • Health Benefits: Organic Black pepper offers a range of health benefits in addition to its flavor-enhancing properties. The active ingredient piperine in black pepper protects against cell damage, improves nutrient absorption and helps digestive issues.
  • Usage: The use of black pepper in food is limitless. The spice just swoops in well with South Indian dishes such as Pongal & Rasam, it adds a delicious fieriness to the dish. Fried rice can be spiked with pepper for additional flavor and heat. Freshly crushed pepper can be added to almost anything — from salads, sunny side-ups, and soups, to pasta, and even buttermilk.
  • Facts: The world’s most popular and frequently traded spice, black pepper is prized for its hot, biting flavor and pungent aroma. Black pepper tends to lose its flavor and aroma if kept open so always store it in a dry and airtight container, which in turn will help to maintain the potency of the spice.
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Black pepper is one of the most prized and widely used spices across the globe for its indispensable health-benefiting properties. They have been famed as the “king of spices” and used extensively in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for ages owing to their remarkable concentration of strong bioactive plant compounds.

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