Organic Shatavari

Shatavari is a species of asparagus plant that has been used for many centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.
Shatavari, also known as satavari, satavar, or Asparagus racemes, is said to promote fertility and have a range of health benefits, particularly for the female reproductive system.



The herb is thought to be adaptogenic, which means that it may help to regulate the body’s systems and improve resistance to stress.

In this article, we look at the uses, health benefits, and side effects of shatavari, and whether it is safe to take during pregnancy.
Health benefits of shatavari
Shatavari is a popular supplement that people use to treat a wide range of symptoms. It can be taken orally as a tablet, a powder, or liquid essence.

Recent studies suggest that the root could provide a number of health benefits. However, more studies are needed before this herb can be recommended to treat any specific condition, and it is not currently used in clinical medicine.

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