Organic Red Chilli S4

334/Sannam S4/Guntur Sannam is one of the famous dry red Chilli varities that is grown in Kammam, Wrangal and Guntur areas of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in India. S4 is rich in protein and vitamin c. ‘334’ is the most exported Chilli that contributes to 30% of the Chilli exports from India.


S4 Type is the most famous type among the chilis and has a huge demand throughout the world. It widely grows in Guntur, Warangal, and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh. The skin of crushed chili is thick, red and hot. It has its peak harvesting season from December to May. The annual Production of this type is approximately 280,000 tons. It has an ASTA Color value of 50-80 and Pungency is 35-45 SHU.

Farm Organic (Food of Parasite)

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Weight 25 kg