Organic Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is one of the most famous Indian lentil. This dal is without skin and red in color. This dal is soft and cooks very quickly with a nice, earthy flavor. After cooking it turns into soft golden color. Masoor dal is considered as an important part of diet for the vegetarians in Indian subcontinent.



Masoor dal is easily available in every grocery store, you can get the packaged masoor dal along with the bulk bins. Always check out its color and freshness before buying, also need to see the stones or insect damages in dal. Carefully make sure that the dal which you are purchasing is not cracked and is free from debris.
1.Masoor dal is highly served with rice and roti.
2. It is a delicious lentil made in tomato and spices.
3.Masoor dal can be cooked in the combination of various other vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, green peas, etc.
4.Masoor dal is highly served in form of soup by adding vegetables and non-veg such as fish, chicken or pork.
5.You can make delicious and healthy khichdi recipe by adding masoor dal, rice and spices.
6.Some famous masoor dal recipes are red lentil hummus on sesame crispbread, red lentils and coconut soup, red lentils salad seasoned with cumin, Masla masoor, Lehsuni masoor , dal gosht, masoor stuffed paranthas and poories and smoked paprika.

Masoor dal should be stored at cool and dry place.
A well sealed container is the best place to store it.
You can store it for many months in the refrigerator.
If buying in bulk, then definitely store in the refrigerator.


Masoor dal contains a dietary fiber, Folate, vitamin B1 and mineralsall with virtually no fat.
It also contains a good amount of proteins, amino acids isoleucine and lysine.
Masoor dal is an excellent source of potassium and iron.

Farm Organic (Food of Parasite)

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