Organic Green Gram Yellow Split (without skin)

Split Moong Dal is a type of Lentil ,specially used in India with rice or roti. Split Moong dal is prepared from Mung beans only. The outer skin is being removed and split. It makes this lentil in yellow color



With their skins removed, Mung beans are light yellow in color. These are Mung beans that have been skinned and split, so that they’re flat, yellow, and quick-cooking.

They’re relatively easy to digest. They are made into Mung bean paste by de-hulling, cooking, and pulverizing the beans to the consistency of a dry paste.

Health Benefits of Yellow Mung dal

1.It is good source of protein and dietary fiber.

2.It is low in fat and rich in potassium ,calcium and B complex vitamins.

3.It is easy to digest and not like other pulses which are heavy for digestion.

4.Dietician always recommend to eat fibrous lentils at least three times a week.

5.The fiber in these lentils help to decrease high cholesterol.

Farm Organic (Food of Parasite)

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Weight 25 kg